Maurizio Rosso

My name is Maurizio Rosso. I am a wine producer in Piedmont, Italy, at Gigi Rosso Winery.

I am also a journalist and a writer. This blog combines all my interests and it is my effort to provide all wine lovers with specific information about Nebbiolo, Barolo and all the great wines of Piedmont.


I was born in Alba (Piedmont, Italy) in 1963 from a wine-making family. My father Gigi graduated at the Alba Wine School in 1953 and began his career as an enologist in renowned wineries such as Cinzano, Fontanafredda and Bersano. In 1970 he became an independent producer when he founded his own estate.

As a young man I did not think I would follow in his footsteps so I went to the University Venice to study literature and foreign languages. Then I went to the University of California, Santa Cruz to perfect my English and my Knowledge of American Literature. When I went back to Italy in 1988, I joined my family in the wine business  and I have been active in this field ever since. My publications include four novels and two books about Barolo Wine. The first one "The Mystique of Barolo" (Omega, Turin 2000) is a thorough account of Barolo history and state of the art. It included 35 interviews with prominent producers and beautiful photos shot by German photographer Chris Meier. It was translated into German and English and was awarded Best Book on Wine 2001 at Gourmand Book Contest in Perigord, France.

A few years later I published a concised and updated version of the same book, titled "Barolo, Jewel of the Langa".


Blog by Maurizio Rosso.